• Labradorite Lemurian Granite

    Labradorite Lemurian Granite

    This materials country of origin is from Madagascar a region that is ultra rich in labradorite deposits. The material name is inspired by Lemuria (Lemurian) the name of a hypothetical “Lost land” an ancient highly advanced civilization. The land is considered to be variously located somewhere in the Indian and the Pacific Oceans. It is thought to be a sunken island similar to that of Atlantis.Our highly polished, Labradorite Lemurian Granite has rich shades of blue, green, violet, gold and grey with brilliant depth and is available in a 2cm thickness in slab form. This material has a crystalline structure that is solely unique in the stoneworld and is known to be an exclusive stone due to it’s usability in the jewelry industry. It is known for it’s precious stone properties. As it has an array of highly- reflective crystal conglomerates that radiate & flicker a magnificent rainbow-like spectrum, shining at the mere ray of light. Some call these crystals the “Eye’s” of the stone.This natural stone material would be most excellent as Kitchen countertops, Vanity tops, Shower & Tub deck surround, Fireplace & Hearth, etc…May I suggest that if this description even remotely gets your attention, I’d swing on by and lay your eyes upon this prized material, you may just be even more surprised!We look forward to seeing you soon!Stay tuned for the upcoming Stone Feature of the Week!!!

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    Labradorite Lemurian Slab Granite

    Labradorite Jewelry

    Cabochon made from our slab! Her name is Kristine and she’s a local lapidary artist.

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