Limestones are a common building stone used throughout the world in colors ranging from grey to buff and some pastel shades of pink and yellow. We stock limestones slabs that come from Texas, Egypt & France, just to name a few. Limestones are composed primarily of calcium carbonate. Some limestones are very hard and dense; others are soft and more porous. The hard Limestones can take a polish, & can be classified as a hard limestone, or even a marble. Marble is simply limestone that has undergone pressure in the earth and crystallized to a harder state.  Un-crystallized limestone will be easier to scratch and should not be used in an area that is meant to maintain a pristine appearance. Limestone, should only be used in a kitchen with a “Honed” finish.  Sealing will prevent most absorption stains but does not protect the surface.  Acids in food and drink, if not removed promptly, can chemically etch the calcite and leave marks in the surface.  With the honed finish, minor etches can be rubbed out with an abrasive cleaner such as COMET.  Deeper scratches may first need some light sanding. Periodic re-sealing is recommended.  This is simply a wipe on and wipe off procedure.


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