Altering finish/thickness

We are stone supply company, that offers our customers various perks, that most suppliers don’t.

Honing: Is a matte, non reflective or dull finish. (honed finishes are better for kitchens)

If you find a material that is polished and you would like it honed, we can do that for you. The proper procedure would be to use lower grit abrasives, to take down the polish. We do not recommend “chemically honing” calcitic stones. That is done by pouring acid on the surface. The reason why we don’t stand by that, is because it is unpredictable. The acid literally dances on the stone, by eating the calcium on the surface. It causes pitting and creates a “tooth”, which is a rough surface that holds onto dirt and is harder to clean.

Polishing: Is a shiny surface.

If you find material that is honed or textured and you would like it polished, we can polish it for you. The proper procedure to pursue, is to use higher grit sandpapers, to ensure you get a mirror surface polish. If you don’t want it to be extremely shiny, we would stop at a lower grit. We refer to it as a high polish or a low polish.

Textured (leather, velvet, brushed).

If your ideal slab has a honed or polished finish and you prefer a soft texture. We can transform your surface into your desired look.


We can gauge the thickness down to whatever you need. If you have a 3cm, we can turn it in to 2cm or even 1cm. We often have this requested for backsplashes. If you have a 3cm (1-1/4″), more than likely you won’t want a chunky backsplash; therefore we gauge the backsplash thickness down to 2cm (3/4″).


We do have samples of all of the surfaces/thicknesses we offer. However we don’t have samples in every stone. If you would like a sample of your particular stone, we can arrange that.


Please call for pricing on services. The price is determined by the color/structure of the material, based on how long it will take. Normally if you schedule a service to be performed, it can be done within a week, depending on the specifics.

Please note: We encourage that you consult with your fabricator, prior to scheduling a service. They may have a preference whether they want to perform the service, or if they would like us to.

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