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Crocodile Rocks, Inc. is a Natural Stone Wholesaler located in the heart of Kenmore. The largest stone slab supplier in the north end with an amazing & unique inventory of 2cm & 3cm thick slabs as well as lightweight 1cm material. Now you can invite the natural & unsurpassed beauty of Marble slabs, Granite slabs, Limestone slabs, Onyx slabs, Sandstone slabs, Quartzite slabs, Travertine slabs or the lovely Soapstone slabs we stock. Here at …Crocodile Rock’s we offer an array of material’s from all over the world, stone’s that are timeless, eye enticing and truly one of a kind. In addition we have various surface finishes available. The most common of finishes is a polished surface revealing and emphasizing the crystals, mineral pigment and pattern of the material. A few others in our collection of varied finishes is a honed surface, velvet, brushed & antiqued each one offering an additional sense to the stone alone.The owner is Michael Homchick who has been absolutely enthralled with Natural Stone, Masonry & architectural elements since the first day on the job as an apprentice at the tender young age of 17. From that day forward he felt a great mission in the field of stone and kept building upon this one great desire to further his experience and passion in the stone industry. He has been involved in the stone world for over 35 years and is currently one of the premier stone experts in the Pacific Northwest, as well as bringing an impeccable skill for architectural design to the table. He visit’s the prestigious quarries of Italy on a search & select basis with the highest of intentions to bring back the worlds finest of stones.We at Crocodile Rocks realize the grandeur of stone and it’s one of a kind qualities, we also know that your personal selection is an important one and we feel that your choice is akin to selecting a fine piece of Art. So with this we acknowledge that your stone selection is a special one as we feel that essentially stone is and shall always be forever. Our stone consultants are friendly, knowledgeable and quite eager to assist you!We cordially invite you to visit our showroom & stone gallery so that you can view the stone first hand, feel the surface of the material & to choose from our timeless collection of natural stone slabs. We also have carved fireplaces on display for viewing and sale as well.

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