Why Soapstone?

Our Theory

It really depends on an individuals personality, whether Soapstone would be a good fit. If you are a perfectionist (Dania style), this is probably not your stone. But if you like “patina” similar to Anthropologie’s charm, than you will be sure to fall in love!! You can decide what kind of tone/style you want these counter-tops to exude. Just like butcher block, it can scratch. You can decide to leave it; or sand it out with comet or sandpaper & re-oil with mineral oil! Its just like leather. If you like soft, worn used leather, you would like soapstone, marble, sandstone & limestone. If you like tight, shiny, new leather, you would be happier with granite or man made quartz.


  • It’s on average 3 lbs a square foot heavier than granite, so it’s super dense.
  • It can withstand up to 4,500k degrees of heat. It’s the #1 choice for pizza ovens.
  • It’s virtually non-porous, so it won’t harbor bacteria.
  • It’s 100% not affected by acid. They used to use it in chemistry labs.
  • It can’t compare to any other stone, for it has such an old world & down to earth feel; not to mention that it’s super soft to the touch!
  • It’s a do it yourself type of material. You can use wood tools to cut & shape the edge.


  • If you’re a perfectionist, you may not be able to get past the “patina”.
  • It’s a pretty dark material, coming in different shades of charcoals.
  • It’s heavy in weight, so you may need one more set of hands to help install.
  • It’s basically only available in a matte finish. You can’t get it with a high polish.

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