What is the difference between 2cm & 3cm?

Many custom fabricators consider 2cm (3/4”) installations with proper substrates to be superior to 3cm (1 1/4”) installations that are unsupported by substrates for the following reasons:

The combination of the 2cm  properly adhered to a 5/8” or ¾” substrate is actually stronger than 3cm. Many fabricators falsely promote 3cm stones to be sturdier than 2cm stones because of the difference in thickness, misleading customers to believe this extra thickness creates extra strength. In actuality, 2cm coupled with a substrate is the superior product because of its ability to flex.

Overhangs beyond cabinets may extend 12” without support with 2cm granite combined with ¾” substrate. Unsupported overhangs beyond 10” are not recommended with unsupported 3cm granite.

3cm splashes create a much bulkier presentation and on standard cabinets may cause less area for counter space and placement of faucet holes above sinks.

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